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The utility scooter


Ample capacity in a locking
weatherproof cargo box.


Threads through congestion.
Easy to park.


Agile. Easy to control,
boosting rider safety.

Engineered for rapid deliveries
and other professional payloads.

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Agile with small
turning radius

Narrow footprint
in traffic

Robust locking box keeps cargo secure

Full suspension and large wheels for rider comfort and cargo protection

Sidewalk parking,
right at the door

Stable handling thanks to very low centre of gravity

Multiple lighting system for rider visibility
and safety

Swappable boxes
and batteries for
maximum uptime


Lockable cargo box
Standard capacity 140 litres


Full supension for rider comfort
and cargo protection

Scootility - cargo swapping.png

Fast swapping of cargo boxes
for maximum uptime

steering column fold.png

Swappable battery packs
under the footdeck

Folding steering column for compact storage; cable steering enables
super-small steering radius


Rider can stand with feet side by side for stability and comfort; leg rest for extra stability, stowage for small items

Asset 8.png

A new micromobility form factor. Designed from the ground up to move you and your cargo to urban destinations quickly and comfortably.

Key advantages over:

Asset 2.png

Cars and vans

  • Much more compact and agile

  • Much easier to park; can park on sidewalk

  • More uptime thanks to box swapping

  • No driver’s license—wider employee pool

  • Much lower cost


  • Greater cargo capacity

  • Greater stability—e-bikes with cargo are top-heavy

  • More ergonomic (vs. backpack)

  • Easier access to items at delivery point (vs. backpack)

  • More uptime thanks to cargo box swapping

Cargo e-bikes

  • More compact and agile

  • Easier to maneuver, less rider training required

  • Lower cost

  • More uptime thanks to cargo box swapping


  • Greater cargo capacity

  • More stable handling—mopeds with cargo are top-heavy

  • More uptime thanks to cargo box swapping

  • No driver's license required—wider employee pool

For urban delivery and other jobs in
corporate and institutional fleets.

With ample cargo capacity in a compact form that threads through congestion and that’s easy to park, the utility scooter is a perfect fit for rapid urban deliveries of meals, groceries, and other items. It’s also ideal for staff on campuses, technicians for service providers, emergency responders in congested urban environments, and a wide range of other use cases in corporate and institutional fleets.

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Partnering with the experts.

Scootility has built two iterations of prototypes for testing. To develop the production model, we have joined forces with Springtime Design and Engineering Design Lab.

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Featured in the news.

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Award-winning design.

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Now raising seed investment to
accelerate progress to market.

Scootility presents a rare opportunity for investors to capitalize on an overlooked gap in the market with a highly differentiated product that cuts through the noise. Contact us to discuss.

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