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Scootility is building a utility scooter.

It's an e-scooter that's more than a fun toy—it can haul a serious payload.

It offers ample cargo capacity—yet it's compact.

Its handling is stable, so it's safer and more comfortable—while it's still agile and fun to ride.

Check out some clips of the first prototype. (This is a simplified design! Stay tuned for the full-featured production version.)

The space-efficient design gives you plenty of room for cargo, yet the utility scooter is a bit shorter than a typical bike—so it's easy to park, and it fits in spots too tight for many cargo bikes.

The ride is much more stable and smooth and the braking far more robust than on a typical scooter, thus boosting safety and comfort and making it more friendly to beginners and less confident riders—yet it's still agile for those who enjoy quick handling and carving out turns.

And it's rugged to stand up to heavy loads and rough roads for years of intensive use—in deliveries, in shared fleets, or as your own personal scooter.

Patent pending.

The next steps for Scootility: securing seed funding, building the team, refining the design, developing the production model.

For more details on the design of the utility scooter, go here.

For more info about Scootility, go here.

Contact Scootility.

  • Do you want to be an early adopter—and get discounts?

  • What do you want to see in the utility scooter? What does it need to be as useful as possible for you?

  • Would you like to be contacted with occasional updates on the product?

  • Are you interested in investing to help Scootility bring the utility scooter to market?

  • Are you from a delivery company that's interested in partnering for a pilot?

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